Our Vision

Building a better world for Women through Co-operatives.

Our Mission

To raise Women’s participation in Co-operatives to an unprecedented level around the world 


She-Coops is a Self-Help movement aimed at raising Women’s active participation in Co-operatives around the world. The movement originated in 2018 by No Woman Left Out Initiative, Africa and is a registered trademark that have grown into a global feminist, membership, movement promoted by some of the most influential Women in Co-operatives and Gender Equality.  Its overall goal is to raise Women’s participation in Co-operatives to a whole new level and pursue opportunities to improve their livelihood and gain influence over what matters to them. It has since birthed more than 10,000 Women Co-operative groups across nations and envisioned as the largest economic and social (self-help) movement for Women. 


She-Coops works through creation of Shared Interest or Common Ownership models/forms of Societies made up of exclusively Women. Each Society is made up of a minimum of 20 and maximum of 200,000 Women who come together for a common cause to raise and manage resources for the benefit of their lives both economically, socially and for the welfare of their families…


Globally, Women remain widely under-represented and suffer a disproportionately low representation in Co-operatives constituting fewer than 25% of its entire movement; a situation which private sector studies reveal has refused to change due to gender norms on the traditional role of Women and other instilled cultural practices. Joining a Co-operative offers a means of exercising voice and accessing leadership that would otherwise not be open to Women…


International movement

To build an international movement to actively promote the equitable participation of Women in Co-operatives.

Build a solidarity economy

To build a solidarity economy and improve the building blocks of inclusion thereby advancing Women’s economic competitiveness and sustainable livelihood.

Advance the movement

To leverage networks, mobilize funding resources and partnerships to advance the movement around the world.

Promote Co-operative mode

To organize workshops, seminars, training, conferences to promote Co-operative model to best address the economic and social needs of Women.

Global Co-operative Women

To provide a catalyst for a global Co-operative Women organization to improve organizational performance and effectiveness of Women in Solidarity collectives.

Develop advocacy programs

To develop advocacy programs to promote and advance understanding, strengthen knowledge for greater awareness about the Co-operative model amongst the world’s Women. 

Undertake studies

To undertake studies by collecting, analyzing and disseminating data on Women Co-operative and publishing of working and technical papers, policy briefs, reports and discussion papers.

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Economically empowered Women create healthier, more sustainable and more equitable societies…