Our Vision

Building a better world for Women through Co-operatives.

Our Mission

To raise Women’s participation in Co-operatives to an unprecedented level around the world 


According to the World Bank, of the world’s 736 million extreme poor in 2015, 368 million – half of the total – live in just 5 Countries. The 5 Countries with the highest number of extreme poor are (in descending order) India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. They also happen to be the most populous Countries of South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. This two regions account for 65% (629 million) of the world’s poor. Therefore to make significant continued progress towards the global target of reducing extreme poverty to less than 3% by 2030, large reductions in poverty in these five Countries will be crucial. However, Nigeria’s outlook is only one piece of a global poverty narrative.

As you take an abbreviated tour of the poverty landscape in Nigeria for instance, having overtaken India on June 26, 2018 as the World Poverty Capital according to the World Poverty Clock, Nigeria has more people living in extreme poverty than any other Country in the world. Many believe that up to 25 per cent of the world’s extreme poor will live in Nigeria by 2030 and Women shoulder the global burden of poverty and the persistent and increasing burden of poverty on them undermines their capabilities and leaves them inadequately prepaid to determine and improve their own lives in the future. The percentage of Women living in poor households across Nigeria stands at about 14.6% and at the moment, at the current rate, Nigeria is not only off track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the scope of issues confronting Women living in poverty are broad and comes with even more risks and challenges. In a family, Women are the first to fall into poverty, the worst hit, and the last to recover. Poverty deprives Women of vital health, education, and socio-economic opportunities throughout their lives…


Globally, Women remain widely under-represented and suffer a disproportionately low representation in Co-operatives constituting fewer than 25% of its entire movement; a situation which private sector studies reveal has refused to change due to gender norms on the traditional role of Women and other instilled cultural practices. Joining a Co-operative offers a means of exercising voice and accessing leadership that would otherwise not be open to Women…

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Economically empowered Women create healthier, more sustainable and more equitable societies… 


SHECOOPS is NOT a FUNDING organization or FINANCE company that provides finances (Loans/Grants) to Women or Women groups. It is a movement that helps Women to form and join Cooperative in line with international best practice

We implore you to read through “About SHECOOPS” before making a decision to join the movement. This is important with the rising wave of wonder banks, ponzy schemes and empowerment programs defrauding unsuspecting and vulnerable Women and persons in the society. Please be so guided. Thank you.